Charity is one of the best acts that are close and beloved to Allaah. They are cleansed for the soul and are forgiven for sins and sins. But a Muslim must sincerely bring them out without hypocrisy. Charity is a great virtue especially in the month of Ramadan.

How nice to meet fasting and charity in the holy month! Ramadan, the month of the Quran and piety, the month of charity and the response of invitations and the multiplication of good deeds, the month of mercy and giving and social solidarity, a month of compassion and solidarity and love among Muslims, so allocates some benefactors basket of Ramadan food includes a comprehensive food that is famous for the Ramadan meal for distribution to needy families.

Many benefactors strive to provide what they deem appropriate for families during the month of Ramadan, which requires careful consideration of what they provide, by taking care of the necessary and important materials.
The food baskets and Ramadan are one of the most beautiful manifestations of Ramadan and a humanitarian moment for beautiful feelings.

– Allah says: “Say to my servants who believe, establish prayer and spend what we have given them secretly and publicly before the day comes when there is no sale in it.” (Most say, “spend in the way of Allah”). The Almighty said: Vtqwa God what you can and hear and obey and spend good for yourselves and those who do not doubt himself are successful)

– Among the benefits of charity:

It is tempered by the wrath of God Almighty as in saying: “The charity of the secret will relieve the wrath of the Lord, Blessed and Exalted”
Charity is a medicine for physical diseases, as in saying: {Dawa your disease with charity}
A slave arrives at the truth of righteousness by giving charity as he says in the verse: You will not receive righteousness until you spend what you love.
The owner of charity bless him in his money as told the Prophet about it by saying: (What has decreased charity from money) You should realize, my brother that spending and charity increase not decrease.

Allaah is doubling the reward for the one who has charity, and the tenth is as good as it is in the saying of the Almighty: The believers and the charity are the ones who loaned Allaah a good loan, and he is rewarded for them, and they have a generous reward. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):
The owner of charity is called a special door of the gates of Paradise, the door of charity is said on the Day of Resurrection.
Charity is a cure for the hardness of the heart as in saying to those who complained to him the cruelty of his heart: (If you wanted to soften your heart and feed the poor, and wipe the head of the orphan)
Charity is the proof of faith and charity is evidence of the sincerity of the faith of the owner, they save man from scarcity and love of money and selfishness.
Charity is one of the greatest reasons for entering paradise.

The best of alms is almsgiving; you do not know what you do to your right because it is closer to the sincerity of the declared and in that says Almighty: If you show alms, so it is good, and if the poor hide it and the poor, it is better for you [Baqarah: 271].

– Efforts of Al-Nakheel Charity Association for the food baskets and Ramadan project.
Thanks to God and then please .. The rest of the baskets of food and Ramadan (last year), the Society spent in the year the number of 730 Ramadan basket more than one hundred and twenty thousand riyals, as well as 1350 food baskets in kind donations of good people, in addition to 100 food basket monthly project on the widow, Three thousand three thousand passes were distributed.

Al Nakheel Charity

Al-Nakheel Charity Association was established in Al-Nakheel Center in 1430 AH. The Society strives to provide in-kind and cash assistance to the beneficiaries, taking into account all that would promote the well-being of the poor, orphans, widows and needy, in addition to its pioneering role in the advancement of the local community. To become a productive society and out of poverty and the road is still long…

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