Believing in the importance of education and its mission and the right of science to every individual in society and its active role in establishing a conscious and educated generation that serves and develops its country and society, Which revolves around the idea of providing a school bag equipped with full school supplies for most orphans sponsored by the Association in addition to orphans and needy in the schools and kindergartens Association.

The project is a contribution by the Association to meet the needs of the children of the poor and orphans in the school season to secure the minimum basic requirements to help them on their journey to seek knowledge in order to equip orphans and needy students of basic school stages with a school bag containing the basic study requirements of books, pens, In addition to uniforms.

The project aims primarily at reducing the financial burden on poor families, in addition to helping school children to needy and needy families and orphans.

Many benefactors contribute to this charity project because of its impact on the scientific students’ progress, support and encouragement for science and education. This project has had a great impact in drawing the smile on the faces of the students, bringing joy to their hearts and alleviating the suffering of their families.

The “school bag” is given to registered students of orphans and children of needy families before the beginning of the school year.

Al Nakheel Charity

Al-Nakheel Charity Association was established in Al-Nakheel Center in 1430 AH. The Society strives to provide in-kind and cash assistance to the beneficiaries, taking into account all that would promote the well-being of the poor, orphans, widows and needy, in addition to its pioneering role in the advancement of the local community. To become a productive society and out of poverty and the road is still long…

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